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Transportation services across Canada and the United States

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Fulger Transport Inc. offers transportation services across Canada and the United States. As such, the cargo we haul ranges from produce, to general freight, to time critical shipments. We were able to excel on this competitive market throughout the years by finding solutions to our customers’ needs. No matter what the shipment may bring along, whether it is a FTL, LTL, FAST/C-TPAT, expedited, bonded, critical, etc. we take it upon us to give our customers peace of mind. Additionally, our equipment has the most up to date technology which enables us to track location, driving behaviour, trailer temperature, cargo temperature, reefer settings, troubleshooting codes, ultimately allowing us to be one step ahead of any issue.

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Facility Audit Findings

In February 2010 we underwent an audit by the Ministry of Transportation to establish the Carrier Safety Rating.

Audit Result: Excellent

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Since the beginning, Radu Bogdanel aimed to constantly grow and increase Fulger Transport’s margins exponentially year by year. We were able to do so with the help of local businesses, greenhouses, organizations, and dedicated people who entrusted us with their assets. Furthermore, keeping up to date with technological advancements gave us a lead over the competition.We plan to grow alongside our customers, invest, sponsor, and continue to be an example for the Windsor-Essex community.


Many carriers out there can take cargo from point A to point B, but we go beyond this notion. Fulger Transport Inc. ensures that customers are part of the transport process. Our fully integrated system communicates with the driver, truck, trailer, dispatch team, customs, accounting, and most important our customers. Even before loading the cargo, we introduce the customer to its assigned driver and equipment over a quick email. We then give our clients access via a web portal to track their cargo in real-time, monitor cargo temperature, and communicate with dispatch/driver around the clock. Once the cargo has arrived at its destination, the driver scans and uploads his delivery documents making them accessible to us and our customers within minutes

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Our company, Fulger Transport Inc., is a local Canadian trucking company who specializes in the transportation of perishable cargo and general freight. The company began its journey in 2004 when Radu Bogdanel was only twenty-four years old.

Over time, through commitment and the full support of the community, Fulger Transport Inc. began to expand its boundaries by constantly aiming for improvement and innovation..

We were able to do so by investing in state-of-the-art technology and by hiring a great team of local employees who work around the clock to ensure we provide customers our utmost performance.

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Sponsor of Can-Am Midget race car #24 - Heat 2: Barry Dunn.

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Customer Service/Quality

The most significant practice which has set us apart from our industry colleagues is that of integration and transparency. The idea that our clients are at the forefront of our operation, always onboard and in control. With the simple click of a button, our customers can track, monitor, access information and communicate with us. We nearly place them in the front seat and let them steer in their desired direction.

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Fulger Transport Inc. has been acknowledged within the industry as a safe carrier across international borders by the C-TPAT/FAST, PIP, and CSA programs. These acknowledgments are of high value on today’s market. It proves that we are a carrier who holds safety and security at the forefront of our operation; whether that may be across borders or the overall trade chain. Furthermore, our company is a SmartWay partner signifying our efforts to increase efficiency and fuel economy. We have invested into equipment which is more fuel efficient. As such, the majority of our trailers are lightweight aluminum bodies, with underskirts, and fuel efficient reefer units. The equipment is also setup and speed limited to the most efficient settings. All together, these are several practices which have set us apart from our colleagues.

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Radu Bogdanel is the President of Fulger Transport Inc. and built a registered and fully accredited trucking company specializing in perishable cargo and general freight. Mr. Bogdanel has goals for his company beyond a successful bottom line. He wants to help improve the quality of life in Windsor by donating resources that will help people reach their potential.

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With over 70 temperature-controlled trucks on the road, Fulger has expanded its geographic footprint beyond the Canada-U.S. border to serve clients up and down the East Coast, from Massachusetts to Florida and as far south as Texas.

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Multinational Employer...

Regardless of your locations, we hire across the nations!

What do you want to work at our company?

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2005 S. Middle Rd.South Woodslee ON N0R 1V0, Canada

5395 Cogswell Rd.Wayne, MI 48184, USA

Services Fulger Transport
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These are the services which we provide ...

Food Grade Facility

Food products require special care and handling across the entire supply chain. There are some key factors to consider when choosing the right logistics partner – dry food storage companies, frozen food grade facilities, and refrigerated facilities.

Short Term Storage

Short-term storage is ideal for things you only need to store for a matter of months. You can pay by the month and change to a different size unit as you remove or add things to storage. Insurance levels can be adjusted monthly as well. You will also have easy access to your stored items. Storage services are open at convenient hours, and you will have a key to your unit.

Crossdocking Services

Cross-docking is a practice in logistics of loading and unloading with little or no storage in between. We are efficient and quick to transfer product to an outbound method or break them down and pack them based on your need, set them in their specific staging area, and sent off the appropriate location.


We offer quick transit times for both LTL and FTL.LTL is a cost-efficient alternative to individually packaged shipments with maximum flexibility and reliability. You’ll benefit from a comprehensive offering of connected transport solutions.FTL represents the fastest door-to-door service with the shortest transit, both for standard services as well as special transports, like heavy or oversized goods.

Distribution and Transportation

The success of distribution and transportation companies depends on their agility and ability to innovate. We offer our clients the convenience and flexibility of multiple shipping providers with none of the hassle, providing efficient transport solutions for companies both large and small.

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